Online Lottery Games

Online lottery games Online lottery games

With the advancement in technology, what used to be a limited and location specific game of gamble is now more accessible than ever. In the past, people would have to physically buy different tickets from designated outlets but now, gamers can participate online making the process much easier and more efficient. Online gaming has become increasing popular globally. Even though the game is categorized as a form of gambling, the activity attracts a wide audience.

Three Basic Categories

There are several types of online lottery games to choose from, each with their own rules and strategies but generally, the rules of play as well as structure have their similarities. There are three most basic or common versions, instant lotteries, general lotteries and the lotto. First, instant lotteries or “scratch-off” games don’t involve number selection. Players can purchase tickets at anytime and by simply scratching the ticket scratch or pulling off a tab, the ticket will indicate if you’ve won or not. In cases where players win, they will get the prize immediately. These games are fun, simple and entertaining to play. There are many instant games available but generally, top prizes of these instant games are much lower than those of lotto jackpots. Second, the general lottery involves a payout that is based on the amount in the aggregate pot. While this is similar to the third category, the general lottery category has a guaranteed winner as all number bets are included in the drawing.

« There are many instant games available but generally, top prizes of these instant games are much lower than those of lotto jackpots. »

The last is the lotto – similar to the general lottery – involves a winning number chosen during a drawing. Typically the lotto drawings are done multiple times a week with lottery officials using special ball-drawing machines that select numbered balls randomly. After a computer generated process of number selection, if there is no winner, the ‘unwon’ prize will then roll over to the next drawing. Generally speaking, the lotto is the most lucrative of the three types. As a pari-mutuel game, the prize value depends on several factors that include the total sales for each draw as well as the number of winners. As matching a large sequence of numbers makes it harder to pot the prize, the amount grows as more people participate in the hopes of winning. In the event that there is no winner, the prize will be carried over, an increased amount from the previous game.

Other Lottery Types

Another lottery type gaining popularity is the Pick Three game. As implied by its name, players are to select three numbers (from zero to nine). The results of this method of lottery gaming are usually televised each day. Keno is another lottery style game where players make use of ticket slips from one to 80. The player will then bet which of the numbers will appear in the draw, usually nightly. To know more abou keno check out

There are different ways to play Bingo-Lottery. Depending on the mechanics of the Bingo game you play, players can opt for an instant game reveal, mark their cards the traditional way or have them marked for you. There are a massive variety of online lottery games. You may even play casino online games inside of live dealer settings so look out for these options. To ensure safety and security, it’s best to opt for sites, which are run by national or local institutions.