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Do you wish to have important news regarding online casinos on one platform? If the answer to that question is yes, well let us tell you that you have just landed on the best option! This is our newsroom entirely dedicated to online casinos. Now, you may wonder what is there to learn on a daily basis about online casinos? That a very valid question that we shall address throughout this here article. We are about to give you three good reasons to check out our newsroom with example at hand! The three reasons encompass topics such as the launch of games and exclusive promotional offers as well as tournaments’ announcements by well known online casinos!

#1. Casino game launches

Although you might find out about games’ launches directly on your favorite online casino, this does not mean that there are no better options elsewhere! Indeed, you will need to have an eye out everywhere in order to be able to be the first players to try out a new online casino game! Or, you could just put your trust in us and particularly in our team of journalists! Indeed, we have several journalists that have specialized in Igaming news that scrutinize the Internet to bring you the latest in terms of games’ launches! Therefore, if big time software providers such as Betsoft or NetEnt put out a new slot machine, then you will be among the first to hear about it. We will put out our review of the game, since we always try out new games before they hit the market! You will be able to say that you know exactly what the game is all about thanks to our reviews!

#2. Online promotional offers

The same goes for any promotional offers that online casinos will launch! You will be among the first players to hear about it! Whether there is a promotion on a specific game or a seasonal promotion such as the Christmas bonuses, the Halloween bonuses, the New Year’s bonuses or the Easter bonuses. You will know everything that has to do with extra cash opportunities with casino bonuses (to know more check out You could also benefit from our 2 in 1 news, since whenever a new slot machine is launched, you will get a set of free spins to try it out for free! Therefore, if this type of news interests you, then you will absolutely adore our newsroom!

#3. Online tournament announcements

Our newsroom will solely consist in game launch and promotional offers’ announcements! In fact, it will also be about tournaments’ announcements! We love competition and if you are an online gambler so should you! Therefore, we are about to help you push yourself to the limits by joining the most amazing online casino games’ tournaments! Whether you are slot machine fan or a blackjack and poker enthusiast, you will always find a tournament to be a part of here! You should try out participating in a tournament at least once in your gambler’s life because the prices at stake will blow your mind for good! You don’t believe us? Check out this success story then, still not convinced, then here's a second one free!